mardi, septembre 30, 2008


Bon anniversaire

Time Out London fête cette année ses 20 ans. Pour souligner l'anniversaire, le journal a mis en ligne des extraits de leurs entrevues les plus marquantes. Une source incroyable de "qui a dit?", mais bien trop facile à trouver, puisqu'ils sont tous . Pour ceux qui ont un problème de jeu et qui voudraient tout de même s'amuser, je laisse seulement l'initiale du nom de famille.

Morceaux choisis:

When you train your body and deal with your body, it doesn’t mean you are a homosexual. I don’t want anybody to get the impression I’m knocking homosexuality, I’m not, I don’t give a shit. What I want to do is to make Americans aware that they’re fucked up when they equate everything a person does with some sexual trip. It’s the same with bodybuilding. They think you want to build your body because you have a short cock and you’re ashamed of it.’
(S., 1977)

In the ’60s we thought that cinema has to stop for a moment and begin a reflection. The idea was that in a movie you have a story, you have a character, psychology, but you also have the movie itself thinking about cinema, what cinema is.’
(B., 1978)

ET, that creature… Two weeks ago I called him an ugly little fuck… and Steven went apeshit.’
(F., 1982)

I’ve always felt violence was part of the aesthetic equipment of film. We’re dealing with motion pictures, with movement, chases, fights. Those things lend themselves to cinema very well. To take a moral position on them is ludicrous.’
(D. P., 1984)

A white audience didn’t go crazy after seeing “Rambo”. I see no reason why blacks will be rioting in the streets after seeing my film.’
(L., 1989)

Truffaut and the others were traitors. Some of Rohmer’s films I liked; at least he has been completely true to himself. But the others didn’t follow through… Maybe it’s too big a word, but I consider them to be traitors.’
(G., 2005)

It’s what I’ve said to all these directors who come to me saying, “I’m confused, what can I do?” I say, “Take a little Dogme pill. Relax and nobody will expect anything from you.”’
(Lars von Trier, 2005)

Celui sur E.T. : Francis Ford Coppola?

Celui sur Rambo et les émeutes : Spike Lee?

Celui sur Truffaut et Rohmer : Godard?

Les autres je sais pas, mais je suis bien curieux.
Tout bon, sauf Coppola....
J'ai bien aimé ces commentaires aussi:

‘Enormous amounts written about me aren’t true. People are careless, or they make things up. Like, everyone says I’m frail, but I’m actually a good athlete. It makes good copy, it gives them a crutch to lean on… so let ’em.’
(Woody Allen, 1977)

‘You know, people treat me with far too much reverence.’
(Robert De Niro, 1997)

We decided we weren’t going to have guns in “Shallow Grave” because, thankfully, guns play very little part in our lives as a nation.’
(Danny Boyle, 1995)
E.T. : Milos Forman ?
Non, non, non. Pour ET, indice: ce n'est pas un réalisateur...
E.T. Harrison Ford ?

S. : Sylvester Stallone.

B. : Bertolucci.

D. P. : de Palma (facile)
J'aime bien celle de Von Trier, même si je suis un de ses fans non-invétérés.
Désarmorcer les attentes intelligemment pour essayer d'obtenir la vérité crue et authentique.
Faire ce que l'on veut, mais pas n'importe comment en voulant tout dire.
Tout bon pour Marco, sauf mr muscle...mais tu brûles :)
Ah ah ! Schwarzie !
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