dimanche, décembre 10, 2006


Jésus...comme dans Splash

Lu dans The Guardian

"Ron Howard's Oscar-winning producing partner Brian Grazer will make a contemporary romantic comedy in which Jesus works as a carpenter in Ikea. Prodigal Son centres on a workaholic woman whose mother unknowingly sets her up with the unassuming local employee who just happens to be the Christian son of God. In a move presumably designed to assuage the fears of religious followers, Grazer's wife and screenwriter Gig Levangie Grazer said, "He won't be having sex. It'll be a disarming romantic comedy, a story of unrequited love, sort of like Splash." Christians the world over will doubtless be relieved to hear that."

J'me sens lasse, mais lasse......

Ron Howard...
Ou le formattage estampillé.
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